Teletec was created in 1987 with the intention of serving the oil and gas companies. Teletec has become a leader in providing various services ranging from maintenance activities, to rental of equipments, facilities, camps, structures.
Within this framework there and according to an evolutionary and innovative strategy specific to TELETEC, the company saw that the time is favorable to develop its work in order to provide its customers with all the requirements they may need whether in their living sites, their well sites or even in their workshops. In that scope Teletec became a Group Company made of four units:
  • Teletec : Rental services and Maintenance
  • Teletec Catering: Accommodation, catering, laundry, housekeeping
  • Teletec Industry: Metallic construction
  • Teletec Transport & logistics: transport, logistics, handling & related services
Teletec gained an international reputation as a reliable and professional services company and this due to our human and financial resources, expertise, equipment, savoir faire, experience and diversity to meet virtually our customer’s needs.
Our preference is to make dynamic all the actors of Teletec. To support the customer, to promote hygiene, safety, and protection of environment while assuring continuous development and performance is our main concern.